How To Stop Your Kids From Going Broke!

How To Stop Your Kids From Going Broke

If you are a concerned Parent, grandparent or friend of someone who needs financial education, (adult or child) then this book will give you some tools to help them (or yourself) to be and stay financially well. Find out more 

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Get Out Of My Pocket

Get out Of My Pocket

Being a parent imposes significant demands on your finances. So what do you do when your children - whether preschoolers or at primary school, ‘tweens’ or teenagers – yes, even your grown-up children – dip into your pocket?  Find out  here

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New Zealand Household Budget Kit

NZ Household Budget Kit 300dpi

Do you find it hard to keep control of your finances? Always wondering where the weeks pay has disappeared to?Wondered what is budgeting and how do you stick to a budget?

The  New Zealand Household Budget Kit provides these answers and will give you practical and easy to use tools to help you set up an effective budget that works and you will be able to stick to.  find out more

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